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Content website

Socially dynamic, content driven website - designed to increase engagement.

Social Aggregation

With RSS feeds, handles and hashtags, you can instantly gather social content from across the globe.

Content Creation

You can easily write outstandingly good contents on any device.

Content Distribution

The crafted contents can easily be shared on multiple social media platforms and pages.

Team Workflows

Automate your content process. Create simple or complex workflows easily. Add word editorial workflows.

Multi Site

You can also create and control new microsites which can be controlled from a single master theme easily.

Own your network

While leveraging on user-generated content, you can be the owner of your network under your personal brand.

Analytics & Insights

Real-time metrics of audience engagement and content performance.

Custom themes

With premium website themes tailored to present your brands, and customized according to your needs.

Leading Edge CMS

With our leading edge CMS (Content Management System), which grants you the power to create a new line of the website that is socially unique from the start and designed to bring about engagement.

Some CMS tools in the market only present static websites which isn’t enough. The foundation of your online presence should be social media.

  • Specifically crafted websites to support social
  • Provides engaging and dynamic website immediately
  • CMS tools for fast and easy updates

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Socially Dynamic Sites

With our platform, you can create a socially rich website at a very fast and easy way with the built-in social aggregation and distribution tools.

Through RSS feeds, handles and Hashtags, you can easily gather social content from across the globe. Gaining complete and total control over what and when to publish with moderation tools.

  • Pull in and moderate content from any online source
  • Display relevant content on your site, under your brand
  • Share contents across your social networks

Content made simple

To run the best class of content marketing processes, our platform contains simple yet powerful tools for content creation.

With incorporated with premium image libraries and social media page, you can make beautifully designed content on virtually all devices, thus, making your work easier. This gives you the ability to contribute content through our smart workflows.

  • Quickly create high quality content from any device
  • Leverage user generated content, and increase engagement
  • Manage content creation easily, with smart workflows

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Supports Multi-site

Our platform includes the ability for any business to easy create multiple sites as they need.

Quickly spin up new micro sites under your core design template, allowing top level control of all design features. Provide flexibility to manage content at the microsite level, or keep control at the top level.

  • Create new micro sites instantly, tied to your core design
  • Flexible permissions for content management, across all levels
  • Multi-site management becomes easy

Own Your Network

Our platform allows you to build your own network; by leveraging the power of our multi-site and social funnel functionality.

You control your network, and decide how open you want it to be. From full control in a closed and gated network, to a completely open network driven entirely by user generated content, or a network that falls somewhere in-between. It’s your choice.

  • Own your own network, under your brand
  • Easily gate content that you want to monetise
  • Open your network to leverage user generated content

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Insights & Analytics

Our platform includes built-in analytics and reporting, providing you with the insights you need to run your online strategy.

Providing you with real-time feedback on your content performance and audience engagement - right down to the performance of individual posts, pages and contributors.

  • Real-time insights on content performance and audience engagement
  • Granular analytics allows for full visibility and optimization
  • Includes seamless integration with Google Analytics

Customizable Themes

Our stunning selection of website themes are designed to showcase your brand at it’s best, while driving deeper customer engagement.

All of our themes can be customized, to best deliver the particular vision your brand wants to achieve - and ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

  • Selection of stunning themes, designed for engagement
  • All themes can be customized, to suit your vision
  • Full API integration is available, connect to core systems

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