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Revolutionary Solution with Stable Procedures to Your Growth

Imagine a world where your visitors get lost in your content just like they do on facebook or twitter… (sight, I know, right?) The online world is changing every day. Your customers looking for companies they can relate to, relay on and engage with.

Revolutionary Solution with Stable Procedures to Your Growth

We turn your static, brochure like website to a

dynamic, engaging content hub what your visitors never want to leave. They find what they need and come back later for more.

What would that do to your business?

What would that do to your business?

You don't need to hire a web developer, a content manager, designer or a copywriter if you don't have the need or the money for it. You just need a team and a system which can do that for you and only when you need it.

There is no one solution fits all!

How is our approach different?

How is our approach different?

Friendly environment | Back-end account to see the reports and what has been done | We speak your language, no techy, confusing stuff. | We know that you don't know what you don't know | No pushy sales calls | We choose only solutions what YOU need for your growth and no more - no less | We make sure you know what you are paying for

What we offer that competitors don’t?

What we offer that competitors don’t?

A revolutionary new system to create a dynamic, engaging website.
Auto-generated content based on your ideal client's needs
Automatic processes which allow you to do what you do best.
Friendly and caring customer service, no fluff no puff.

About the founder

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"I am passionate about helping people to pursue their dreams and making the Earth a better place."

With your expertise and our technical background combined with a customer friendly environment creates a great combination for long term growth.
There is such a need for small businesses and people who understand their needs, situation and can offer an easy solution for a complex problem.

When I was 20 I went to Germany without speaking the language and I hated when people thought I'm stupid just because I couldn't explain myself as good or efficient as they could.

I know how it is when you don't understand a thing but there is someone who does understand you."

What Others Say About Us

Agnes and her team has been a backbone to my business for the past two years. She is eager to jump in and support any aspect of my business. Agnes is one of those rare individuals who not only works quickly and efficiently, tackling new tasks with her own initiative, she goes above and beyond by recommending solutions to any challenges that come up. What’s more, the breadth of Agnes' expertise is extensive and includes technical website/app support, product launch, project management, social media marketing, and the most thoughtful customer service I’ve ever witnessed. Agnes is professional and polished in all her interactions and she has a stellar attitude! Your business will prosper with her attention to detail. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Mary Meckley
Mary Meckley Founder of sip and om and The Daily Meditation Podcast Sip and Om

No one else could do it except Agnes Bogardi!!! Finally, after 18 years of accumulating information about pain relief, it's assessment and treatment, I found Agnes to put it together! I have worked all those years trying to put the multiplicity of aspects together only to find other companies, agencies, VAs couldn't handle the complexity. Agnes and her team could. She is patient, kind and a hard worker. She is imaginative and detailed. Without her I could not have done it. She is speedy and offers her (excellent) professional opinion. I often yielded to her choices. She saw my vision. We worked together by live video on zoom to develop a new and proprietary pain relief wellness program that will change the world. She knew its potential and was enthusiastically supportive. She could comprehend the entire project, where we were going and how to organized it. It had layers and layers of organization. The fact that I finally got this project done and available to businesses, insurance companies, attorneys, etc is all owed to her! She has saved my life and this precious information that needs to get out to the world to save people the physical and mental anguish of chronic pain. I work with businesses to reduce their healthcare costs quicker and more thoroughly than any other. You can contact me here www.ProConsultingAndTraining.com I cautiously write this testimony. I am jealous because I want her time in the future and telling you about her could mean many weeks of waiting for my project. But she deserves it. She is the best! Quite Sincerely!

Ethelyn Schaeffer
Ethelyn Schaeffer Author of the forthcoming revolution: Pain Is Illegal! Pro Consultin And Training - Pain is Illegal
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